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About us

Company Profile

Zhejiang Jinyuan Aluminum Paper Co., Ltd. is located in Weitang Industrial Zone, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, with convenient transportation, close to the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo, and only about 30 minutes by bullet train from Shanghai or Hangzhou airport. The factory covers an area of about 12,000 square meters. The company mainly produces various types of sandwich aluminum foil, food aluminum foil, food aluminum foil paper bag, cigarette aluminum foil, trademark aluminum foil, barbecue aluminum foil, candy paper and cultural products aluminum foil and soft packaging bag printing. The company has 3 large aluminum foil compounding machines, 2 small machines, 2 flexographic printing machines, 3 gravure printing machines, 5 aluminum foil slitting machines, 8 bag making machines, 4 aluminum foil rewinding machines, 8 aluminum foil cross-cutting machines, and many other auxiliary machines. The company has been engaged in aluminum foil processing industry for more than 10 years, with rich experience and mature products. We have more than 50 employees and seven production lines with a monthly production capacity of more than 200 tons. Our products are exported all over the world, mainly to the Middle East, Asia, the United States and Canada. Our service tenet is: fast pace, high efficiency, pay attention to credibility, abide by the contract!

The company in line with the business philosophy of customer satisfaction, with integrity as the foundation of the factory, with 100% enthusiasm, welcome all the people to negotiate business or call to contact.

Corporate Culture


It is also a fundamental principle in the treatment of employees, external organizations and society.Strive for the harmony and unity of "sincerity" and "faith"Treat people with sincerity, do things with faith, and create a good faith ecosystem from the inside out


The root of performance and execution is also the basic value orientation of enterprise development.Establish a sense of responsibility, due diligence, diligence for the businessTake the initiative, dare to take responsibility, and guide employees to be the owners of the enterpriseEfficient and responsible, actions speak louder than words, experience employees to be high-energy performers.


Adhering to good professionalism and professional ethics is the cornerstone of our survival and development.Focus on industry Focus on construction and industrial equipment fasteners fieldConscientious and careful research, the high standard of professionalism into all aspects of the company's business.Create a learning enterprise, take the initiative to innovate, constantly learn new knowledge and new technology, and encourage every employee to actively learn new knowledge, pursue personal practice, and constantly improve themselves and cast brilliance.


Active innovation, pragmatic and enterprising, always keep the mentality of learning, in order to continue to maintain the vitality of the enterprise,Innovative, pragmatic and proactiveThe new revolution of technology first, innovation-driven, constantly leveraging products and services is implemented, innovative practice, constantly realizing new changes in tactical methods, bringing forth the old, and constantly realizing new changes in mechanisms and models.


R&d talent


The company adheres to the principle of "talent oriented", attaches great importance to the introduction, training and incentive of talents, and has formed a research and development team with complete professional configuration, reasonable age structure, rich work experience and strong sense of innovation.

Research and development institution


The company attaches great importance to technological innovation, reserves and product research and development, and invests sufficient research and development funds every year to commit to the project research and innovation of key core technologies such as green packaging products, green manufacturing, standardization construction, intellectual property construction, and technical services in the field of green packaging.

Green development


The company adheres to innovation-driven and green development. At the same time, the company actively responds to the application of green environmental protection in the packaging and printing industry advocated by the stateForce to develop a variety of reduced, lightweight, low-carbon environmental protection packaging products, do a good job of environmental protection top design, to adapt to consumer protection of the environment, beautify the environment consumer psychology.

Standardization construction


The company adheres to the quality first, implements the whole life cycle quality and safety control, and identifies potential quality and safety risks in all aspects from development, design, raw material supply, production to sales terminals. Each link is conducted by skilled technicians and technicians through strict pilot, pilot and batch tests.

New product development

Relying on continuous design, innovation and integrated service capabilities, the company continues to provide products and value-added services for customers, and has won high recognition from customers for a long time. It has accumulated high-end customer resources including the international beer industry, the food industry, and well-known cigarette brands at home and abroad.